The name "Geeva Flava" comes from the mixture of the word "jeeva" --which means lively in Hindu language; and the slang version of the word "flavour". Looking at the big picture; the name simply means "Living Flavour". Geeva Flava as a band started out their career on 2013; when college friends Aybars Gulumser and Omer Kaya decided to start up a band which will predominantly focus on funk and fusion music and to bring compositions to life by recording and releasing an album. Thus; while looking for collaborations they've found Can Arsoy and Berkin Özbatır. The 4 rehearsed on 4 compositions the whole summer and the band exponentially gained a style of their own. Band recorded their first demo on the summer of 2014. Later on; the band craved on further members and met with the Yılmazcan Ersayın, Ozan Can, Naz Uğurlu and Ozgun Tuncer. The band started performing live in the summer of 2014. With ongoing rehearsals and concerts; the band started to create a momentum. At the summer of 2015; the band finally decided to release an album. The records were made at the renowned Babajım Studios in September 2015. 10 songs were recorded; each speaking to a different mood.



Geeva Flava is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

New Album will be released on 1st of November 2018. Stay tuned!




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